NED compliance for the GI Reporting Tool comes into effect on the 30th April 2018.

You may already be on the NED (Version 14) of the GI Reporting Tool, but you also need the NED Upload Routine to be installed. Installation can only be carried out by your ICT/IM&T department. Once installed, it will automatically transmit each report’s data to the central NED database.

If your Trust has not downloaded the NED upload service by 1st March 2018 there will be a charge of £2,500 (plus VAT) to access this routine on our support site. Click hereto access the NED upload routine now . The instructions are here for installing the service – and takes ten minutes to carry them out.

We anticipate a high number of calls to the help desk during April. To avoid the charge after the 1st of March, and to minimise any delays, please plan your Trust’s implementation sooner rather than later.


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