About us

Unisoft Medical Systems is based in Enfield Middlesex. Its financial holding company – Unisoft Computers Ltd – was set up by Steve Rainey, a computer programmer of then some 15 years experience, in September 1994 and began trading the following January.

The first product – The Bronchoscopy System – was written by Steve Rainey to a specification drawn up by Dr Simon Hanley, Consultant Chest Physician at North Manchester General Hospital. The original specification was sufficiently robust that the software required little modification in order to support the lung cancer core data sets that began appearing in the late 90’s and the product was rebranded as Unisoft’s Lung Cancer Management System in 1997.

Development of Unisoft’s GI Reporting Tool began in 1996 and was beta tested the following year at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

Both products are continually being developed and enhanced to support current practices within the specialties.

All applications are designed and written in-house – the programmers themselves answer calls to the help desk.

The products are constantly being kept up to date with Latest Developments within each specialty.

Unisoft is very receptive to hospitals’ special needs and users can discuss their requirements with the development team.

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