The Digital Image Acquisition Kit (DigImAK) software integrates seamlessly into Unisoft’s GI, Cystoscopy and Bronchoscopy Reporting Tools, adding endoscopy image handling to these products.

This module uses a Unisoft USB capture box connected with two BNC cables between the endoscopy stack and the PC. One cable caries the video signal and the other the trigger signal. The images can be triggered from the endoscope in the same way the Polaroid-style photos can be triggered.

The images are first captured to a temporary area (called the cache) on the local C: drive. Then as a report is being prepared, the endoscopist attaches the cached images to sites on the appropriate part of the anatomy and the images are moved and saved alongside the report.

The Reporting Tools automatically display alongside the current attached images, any photos taken at the previous procedure for side-by-side comparisons.

Sample Reports

Sample reports can be seen here.

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