The Scheduling module is an electronic replacement for the A4 page-a-day diaries found in endoscopy units. It can print patient booking letters based on hospital-designed Word templates, automatically inserting the variable patient-specific data, and produce the lists as pasted-up each day in the rooms.

To begin with the Scheduler is configured with the wealth of information currently held in booking clerks’ heads about the make-up of their unit. This allows general clerks to make bookings without needing to know the rules.
The Unit Manager needs to see how service productivity can be improved for future planning. For one thing, the Scheduler’s Room Utilisation function produces an analysis of the points used per list against the total available for the whole unit.

The Scheduler also produces a spreadsheet of patient timings. These are the times patients were booked in by Admissions, the time they went into the procedure room, the time the procedure finished and the time they were discharged. There is also an audit of patients who DNA-ed or who cancelled and the date of cancellation.

When linked to Trusts’ Waiting List Management systems with the ADVANCED PAS Interface the Scheduler becomes an integral part of the hospital’s strategic systems.

Sample Reports

These include a sample patient booking letter, the lists as pasted on the walls in the endoscopy rooms and various utilisation reports.

PAS Interfaces

The Scheduler can be linked into the Patient Administration System (PAS) in one of two ways. At its simplest patients can be manually downloaded into Lists. At its most sophisticated the whole waiting list can be transferred electronically from PAS.

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