The GI Reporting Tool is Unisoft’s signature product. The basic tool covers OGD (oesophogastroduodenoscopy), ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography), colon/sigmoidoscopy and proctoscopy. There are add-ins for EUS – both OGD and HPB (hepatobiliary) – and antegrade and retrograde enteroscopy.

Version 14 of the software is NED compliant, capturing and exporting to the central NED database the requisite data to do with trainers and trainees.

There is a utility called Transcribe that transfers Endoscribe reports into the GI Reporting Tool’s database. Reports from other known endoscopy Reporting Tools can be imported and attached to patient records in the GI Reporting Tool. They will need to be output as PDFs with the PDF name containing the patient’s Case Note/Medical Record Number, the type of procedure and the date the report was produced. Those reports can then be viewed in Unisoft’s GI Reporting Tool.

The integral GI Auditor’s Kit produces all of the reports for JAG/GRS within a few mouse clicks.

PAS Interfaces

Patients can be downloaded into the GI Reporting Tool from a Patient Administration System (PAS).

Endoscopy Scheduling

The Scheduler can be purchased in order to manage the bookings within the endoscopy unit.

Digital Image Capture

Videos and still images
can be attached to the reports.

Sample Reports

These includes samples for the discharge summaries (OGD, ERCP and Colon/sigmoidoscopies) and the GI Auditor’s Kit reports.

Export to EPRs

As the reports are being printed they can also be transmitted automatically to the Trust’s/Health Board’s EPR so they can be viewed over the Intranet and/or be sent on to the referring GP or consultant. This functionality is carried out by the Open Export utility.

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