Unisoft’s PAS interfaces are fully Health Level 7 (HL7) compliant. This means the Unisoft products can talk with a wide range of Trust / Health Board systems. The interfaces are based on holding a shadow of the PAS Patient Master Index (referred to here as sPMI). The HL7 ADT messages broadcast by the PAS are constantly harvested and chosen fields are dropped into the sPMI. The Unisoft applications then swap information with the sPMI.

The BASIC interface is a one-way pull of patient’s demographic data. It allows the user to go into either the Unisoft Scheduler or the main Reporting Tools and pull down the data by typing in or scanning the patient’s Case Note/Medical Record Number.

The INTERMEDIATE interface includes the basic interface, plus it allows the endoscopy reports to be sent back to the PAS. For those with a technical bent – the reports are usually saved in Portable Document Format (PDF), then the PDF is encoded as Base-64 text before being uploaded to the sPMI and being passed back to PAS via the HL7 messaging system.

If the reports are required in Trust systems that by-pass the PAS – Electronic Patient Records (EPR), for example – then this functionality is handled by Unisoft’s Open Export [links to Export to EPR screen] utility. This sidesteps the intermediate interface and sends the reports directly to the EPR in that system’s proprietary format.

The ADVANCED interface is specifically for Unisoft’s Scheduling package. The sPMI not only harvests the patients’ demographics it also holds each patient’s booking information as recoded in the Trust’s waiting list management system.

The PAS waiting list then automatically appears in the Scheduler so that the booking staff in endoscopy can move the patients from the waiting list into each endoscopist’s working “lists”. Once the booking has been made the advanced interface then sends, as a minimum, the to-come-in (TCI) information back to PAS. This interface also handles patient or hospital cancellations and re-bookings. The advanced interface stitches the Unisoft products into the core Trust systems.

Endoscopy Scheduler

Book the patients into endoscopy lists using Unisoft’s integrated Scheduling package.

Export to EPRs

Send the endoscopy reports to Electronic Patient Records (EPR).

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