Why choose Unisoft?

Unisoft began developing software for endoscopies in 1995.  Their signature Endoscopy Reporting Tools are the most widely used in the UK and Ireland.  They are in almost 300 hospitals – from small GP units and private hospitals to large Trusts and Health Boards.

This success is down to the products being aimed first and foremost for endoscopists. They are always fighting against time and need to prepare their reports as quickly as possible.

There are diagrams of the anatomy on which they add sites.  These are where the abnormalities, therapies, specimens and photos\videos were seen or taken. (The later element is supported by our Image Capture utility). Apart from being able to add free text, there are dozens of check boxes and buttons where they quickly add all the abnormalities, therapies etc.

When the discharge summary is printed there is a huge algorithm that turns those button clicks into paragraphs and sentences so that the report looks like it has been dictated.  A major strength to this approach is the consistency of the reports.  It is impossible to tell whether they were generated by the most junior doctor or senior surgeon.

Laboratory request forms are automatically formatted and printed alongside the discharge summaries.

While the endoscopists are doing their bit, the data recorded is available to be audited.

As the reports are being printed they can also be transmitted automatically to the Trust’s/Health Board’s EPR so they can be viewed over the Intranet and/or be sent on to the referring GP or consultant.  This functionality is carried out by the Open Export utility.

To speed up the whole process, patients are automatically downloaded from the Patient Administration System (PAS).

For those hospitals with two or more endoscopy rooms, Unisoft’s Scheduler manages the bookings – replacing the A4 page-a-day diaries or the Outlook calendar commonly found in endoscopy units.

Finally, these products are constantly being kept up to date with the latest developments within the specialties, from both the medical and administrative perspectives.

For more information, please email support@hd-clinical.com or please call our help desk on +44 (0)1279 874567.

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